Fundamentals of Computer and IT notes in Hindi

Basic Introductions of Computer

Introduction and Definition of Computer

Organization of Computer

Classification and Types of Computer

Analog Digital and Hybrid Computer

General Purpose and Special Purpose Computer

Micro, Mini, Mainframe and Super Computer

Personal Computer (PC)

Parts of Personal Computer (PC)

Computer Ports and Connectors

Characteristics Features and Advantages of Computer

Limitations, Drawbacks and Disadvantages of Computer

Applications and Uses of Computer

History and Development of Computer

Generations of Computer

Programming Languages of Computer

Programming Languages

Low Level Programming Languages (LLL)

High Level Programming Languages (HLL)

Computer Virus its Mechanism and Types

Computer Virus its Mechanism and Effects

How Virus Spread?

Detection and Prevention of Virus

Types of Virus

Data Communication and Networking

Data Communication

Signals and its Types

Modulation and its Types

Communication Modes and its Types

Communication Media and its Types

Computer Networks and its Types

Network Topologies and its Types

Protocols and TCP/IP Suite

Connecting Devices (Networking & Internetworking)

Internet and its Services

Types of Internet Connection

Input Devices of Computer

Input Devices and its Types

Keyboard: Typing Input Device

Mouse: Pointing Input Device for all Tasks and Devices

Trackball: Pointing Input Device for Portable Devices

Joystick: Pointing Input Device for Gaming

Light Pen: Input Device for Touchscreen Devices

Digitizer Tablet: Input Device for Drawing

Touch Screen: Input Device used with Fingers

Image Scanner: A simple scanning input device

OCR: Optical Character Reader

MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Reader

OMR: Optical Mark Reader

BCR: Bar Code Reader

Microphone: Audio Input Device

Digital Camera: Audio-Video Input Device

Output Devices of Computer

Output Devices and its Types

Monitor: An Essential Softcopy Output Device

Characteristics of Monitor

Projector: Large Screen Softcopy Output Device

Printer: Hardcopy Output Device

Dot Metrix Printer

Daisy Wheel Printer

Drum Chain Band Printers

Inkjet Printers

Laser Printers

Thermal Printers

Plotter and its Types

Speaker: A Voice Output Device

Headphone: A Portable Voice Output Device

Memory / Storage Devices of Computer

Memory / Storage Devices and its Types

RAM: Random Access Memory

ROM: Read Only Memory

Hard Disk: Essential Secondary Storage Device

Floppy Disk: An Old Secondary Storage Device

Optical Disk: CD/DVD Notes in Hindi

Magnetic Tape: Sequential Storage Device

Pen Drive and Flash Drive

SD Card and MMC Card

Cache Memory: A Very Fast Memory

Register Memory: A Memory of CPU

Computer Software (System)

Software and its Types

OS: Operating System Software

Device Drivers: Programs for Managing Devices

Firmware: Preloaded Programs in Devices

Compiler: A Language Translator Program

Interpreter: A Language Translator Program

Assembler: An Assembly Language Translator Program

Compiler vs Interpreter

Linker and Loader

Debugger: A Debugging Tool

Utility Software: Service Programs

Computer Software (Application)

Word Processor MS-Word

Electronic Spreadsheet MS-Excel

Presentation MS-Powerpoint

DBMS MS-Access

Email Client MS-Outlook

Web Browsers: A Client Program

Accounting Software Tally ERP 9

Operating System (OS)

OS: Operating System Software

Booting Process: Starting Computer

Functions of Operating System

Single User Operating System

Multi User Operating System

Batch Processing Operating System

Multi Programming Operating System

Multi Tasking Operating System

Multi Processing Operating System

Time Sharing Operating System

Real Time Operating System

Computer Coding and Number Systems

Computer Coding Systems

Computer Number Systems

Computer Fundamentals Tests

Computer Fundamentals Test – 1

Computer Fundamentals Test – 2

Computer Fundamentals Test – 3

Computer Fundamentals Test – 4

Computer Fundamentals Test – 5

Computer Fundamentals Test – 6

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